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Spazziest. Babies. Ever. [2 Dec 2008 @ 12:22pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

So, the world of SmilySpiky has been rather quiet lately.
I'm assuming it's because Mamo's been busy and all, what with singles coming out, GETTING MARRIED, AND THEN KNOCKING UP SAID WIFE.


A translation of Mamo's announcement can be found here, much thanks to miyano_fans for posting that.

Official announcement here, in Japanese.

PS - Sorry if you've seen this on a million other communities. Big news is Big.

Edit: Oh Shunri. I love you so much. He posted his contratulations.

TranslationCollapse )
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Uploads and Radio Madness [20 Aug 2008 @ 10:04pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

Okay, so, I epically fail and completely lost track of all things SMILY☆SPIKY over the past... well, ages. HOWEVER, I PLAN TO MAKE THIS UP TO PEOPLE WITH STUFF OF EPICNESS.

So I was in Animate today, and was resisting the general awesomeness that is pointless anime merchendise, when I stumbled across this and I was suddenly made aware that the boys have had a radio show for god knows how long. Sadly, I didn't have the money to buy this. But I went hunting, looking for more awesome.

And then I found this.

And since Mamo's singing voice is one of my true weaknesses, I ended up buying that. And uploading it.

SMILY☆SPIKY - ハジメようぜ Ready to Go (MegaUpload)

And, just want to point out - I linked the Amazon pages for a reason. ;) Support the boys.

And back to the other discovery - the radio show. It can be found at www.juscli.com and it's absolute crack and love. Just as I expected from the boys. The episode I'm listening to now, they're talking about foreigners and talking in terrible English, and Ryousuke from St.Rudolphs/Rokkaku in Tenimyu is the guest.
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SmilySpiky Stage show photos! [17 Dec 2007 @ 12:37pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]


This link was posted on the "Sore ka ojan" blog, with a great summary of the skits they did, along with fun photos. Since I can't get to the blog (damn you ameba and your updates), I don't know who everyone is in the show, but I'm sure some, like Naoya Gomoto in a cowboy hat, look familiar! ^_^ Enjoy.
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[scans] SMILY☆SPIKY photobook [21 Oct 2007 @ 3:27pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I'm sharing SMILY☆SPIKY photobook scans! :D

Not dial-up friendly, obviously. |D;
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Color bars [4 Jul 2007 @ 1:12pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

[ mood | awake ]

So I'm relatively new to this whole anime thing, but I'm incredibly smitten with Miyano. <3 Anyway, I was playing around with color bars yesterday and trying to convince photoshop to hate me less. There's one SmilySpiky and two Mamo. *g*

( Fake cut to the dorkiness. )

Xposted to miyano_fans.

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I'm insane [12 May 2007 @ 4:46am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

[ mood | crazy ]

So, while waiting for a summer job to come my way and having nothing better to do, I decided to take up translating to practise. And because I am CLEARLY insane, the other night I made an attempt at Mamo's blog. I think I did an almost decent attempt.

I make no promises on updating him regularly, but I'll try. :D

His post regarding the new photobook

Post about eating bugs and a Death Note Birthday

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To practice Japanese and be productive at something, Becca convinced me to go look at the boys' blogs and see what was up. Lo and behold this little gem popped up courtesy of our dear Shunri.


Yesterday an arrangement was made♪
It was in regards to me( ´艸`)
What could be announced next month?
Please wait♪♪♪
And, and!!!!!
SmilySpiky has a photo collection cominnnng(≧∇ ≦)
Please look carefully at the detailed information!!!
I will too! Since I don't know the details (laugh)

Bold and font adjustment and the lame-o translation done entirely by me. ISN'T IT WONDERFUL! ♥ ♥ ♥
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[Fic] Phone Call [9 Mar 2007 @ 11:56pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

Title: Phone Call
Pairing: Miyano Mamoru x Takagi Shun (aka SmilySpiky)
Genre: fluff
Warnings: severe Death Note spoiler XD, consists almost entirely of dialog (but hey, it's a phone call.. ^__~)
Summary: Shun is worried and gives Mamo a call.

Read more...Collapse )
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miyano mamoru media at gbl_media [25 Dec 2006 @ 6:29pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]


This LJ community is a part of the first Miyano Mamoru fansite, Guilty Beauty Love. The community is where we will be posting downloadable media (in form of mp3, videos and etc) of Miyano Mamoru. So yes, D: the downloads part in GBL fanite will be removed.

Why did we create this LJ community?
Because we want to bring the best of Miyano Mamoru to all of the fans out there. We believe that not everyone deserves the media we posted. It's getting sad because all tsumichu has been getting in her e-mail are fans that don't read the rules writing in saying they can't access the download page or the links can't be opened.

Other reasons of why we created this community:
- copyright infringement. it's getting scary out there these days. D:
- we found lots of media that can't be shared outside of that site. but we want to share it so much, we decided that this community shall be created.

A sneak peek of what you will be getting (other than the ones we offered in the fansite) 8D:

朴璐美・宮野真守のポケ声ファイト! (paku romi・miyano mamoru no pokegoe FIGHT!) radio shows

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guilty beauty love: a miyano mamoru fansite! [2 Oct 2006 @ 11:01pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

D: sorry for the shameless plug.

guilty beauty love: a miyano mamoru fansite
guilty beauty love: a miyano mamoru fansite

guilty beauty love is finally UP! ;o; it took us (tsumichu & ninuki) ages to dig up everything about miyano mamoru. ><; even informations are hard to find. we decided to launch the website today (it's oct 3rd in japan already) because it's the same day as death note being aired on tv.

o_o yeah.

the site includes a news section, complete information (sorta), lyrics, blog translation, downloads (everyone's favorite) and many more. xD please visit and leave us comments at the guestbook! 8D IT'S THE FIRST MIYANO MAMORU FANSITE EVAAAH.

also, i grabbed pictures in one go, @@; so i don't know who it belongs and all, so if you (the one who scanned it) want to be credited, :3 please email us. contact info can be found in the misc page.

x-posted in 7 communities. o_o i am so sorry if this keeps on popping in your friend's page.
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Music Video: "A Tribute to SmilySpiky" [30 Aug 2006 @ 4:15pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: "Me and my Shadow - A SmilySpiky Tribute"
Author: bunny_d_kate
Song: "Me and my Shadow" by Robbie Williams & Jonathan Wilkes
Comment: I made this video because I believe there needs to be much for love for these two adorable dorks XD
Have fun watching & comment if you like ^__^
SmilySpiky TributeCollapse )

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[29 Aug 2006 @ 5:53pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

hello. xD i'm a new member and i bring GOOD NEWS. :3 my name's tsu. <3

8D and it's my pleasure to tell you that it's been officially announced that our dear MAMO IS RAITO IN THE DEATH NOTE ANIME. Got it off from dn_apples that got it off from Issue 40 TOC.


<3 loovvve.
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Fic: What friends are for [26 Aug 2006 @ 12:05pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

[ mood | amused ]

Title: What friends are for
Author: bunny_d_kate
Pairing: Miyano Mamoru x Takagi Shun (aka the dorkiness that is SmilySpiky)
Rating: G
Genre: friendship between men (rrreal men, mind you ^_~)
Summary: Shunri is bored and Mamo's schedule is packed as usual. Can Shun find a way to spend some time with his busy best friend?
(Find out behind the cut!)

What friends are forCollapse )

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Fic~! "Grounded" [18 Jul 2006 @ 7:06am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

[Title] Grounded
[Author] honooko
[Rating] G
[Notes] Shunri will be content, somehow, to merely watch.

Link to fic journal!
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[8 Jun 2006 @ 5:23pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

[ mood | crazy ]

Wow, thank goodness for timezones!


I think Shunri put it best in his blog, "Happy birthday Cup Emperor!" XD
I think I want a Frosty to celebrate the occasion. ;)

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The Mamorific Birthday Letter project of Love! [29 May 2006 @ 11:39pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

[ mood | pleased ]

I got two cards today in the mail! So Kristina and Andrea, your cards have arrived safe and sound.

I only know of two other cards coming. So, I'm going to offer this: IF YOU WANT TO SEND A CARD, EMAIL ME IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS. I WON'T SEND THE PACKAGE UNTIL I GET ALL THE CARDS. You'll have till midnight Eastern time, Tuesday, May 30th. Hopefully I'll hear from some of you!!

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July Event! \(^-^)/ [28 May 2006 @ 12:16am<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

Recently in Mamo's journal he said to check out the information on the new event, so I thought it would be good to share the specifics here!

Date: 7/1/2006
Showtimes: 11:00/14:00/17:00
Price: 2500 Yen + 1000 Yen (Cake and Drink fee?)

Featuring: Hotta Masaru, Fujiwara Yuuki, YOH, Katou Ryousuke
 And this guy -->  齋藤秀貴 who was also in Dust Spot, but I can't for the life of me find the proper kanji translation for his name (-.-;)

So if you are in Tokyo on July 1st and are not busy with another event *cough, *pnish* Birthday 5th, cough* GO SEE  「SMILY☆SPIKY'Z CAFE」!!!
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[ mood | excited ]

Just a reminder everyone, The Mamorific Birthday Postcard Project is going to be sent off in a week and a half! Email me at umbrellaofdoom[at]yahoo[dot]com to get the address to send it to! Postcards are, what, a dollar? A stamp to Canada, what, another dollar maybe? It's a cheap and fun way to let Mamo know a whole bunch of people all over the globe say happy birthday! XD

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Fafner Right of Left Cast Interview [22 May 2006 @ 12:53pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

[ mood | silly ]

Aha, sorry, I totally forgot I was going to post this! The clip of subdued!Mamo~~

Screencaps can be found here, if you didn't already see them. :)

To download, click here; it's up on SS, so if downloaders could reup for those who have trouble with that site (if anyone does have issues with it), that'd be amazing and shiny and lovely. ♥

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Insane? Perhpaps. But ambitious.. [21 May 2006 @ 11:13pm<=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT]

[ mood | hopeful ]

HIHI! I've been busy today! smilyspiky go have a look! New layout up! Isn't it pretty? XDD

Right, so, I've been inspired by other comms (namely abe_love) with their postcard birthday projects. Mamo has a birthday June 8th. I thought it would be fun if we did our own postcard project for his birthday!

So, here's the lowdown:

The Mamorific Birthday Letter Project of LOVE!

1. Go out and get a postcard. One that shows off where you live would be awesome, cause then Mamo can see that he has fans from all over!

2. Write Mamo a birthday message in either English or Japanese. Your choice.

3. Put that postcard in an envelope and send it to me. Don't address the postcard to me, cause it's going to Mamo. ;)

4. Email me, umbrellaofdoom [at] yahoo [dot] com, to get the mailing address to send it to.

5. SEND THAT POSTCARD TO CANADA AS FAST AS YOU CAN, CAUSE I'M GOING TO SEND THIS OFF ON JUNE 1ST, 2006. Yes, that is a little less than two weeks. But I have faith in the postal service that it'll be here on time, since it's not a parcel.

"But, Becca, for reasons beyond my imagination, I can't send a postcard! But I want to take part too!"
HAVE NO FEAR! You can always email me the message and I'll add it in. :)

So, yeah, it's really short notice, and for that, I apologize, but really, aren't all the truly successful projects thrown together at the last minute? :D

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask. :)

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